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Wheelchair development history

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Manual wheelchair is the force that needs people to move them. Many manual wheelchair can be folded, stored, or placed into the vehicle, although the modern wheelchair may also be a rigid frame.
Manual wheelchair by a push, usually by turning the rear wheel, the average diameter from the 20-24 inch (51-61 cm), and similar to the bicycle wheel. User by pressing on, the is composed of a circular tube attached connected to the outside of the big wheel mobile chair, a skilled user can control the speed and turning can even climb up also obstacle.
Wheelchair's foot of the passengers are also common to who has a limited manual function, or simply do not want to use their own hands to promote patients. Foot forward also allows patients to exercise their legs, to increase blood flow, limit further disability.
The wheelchair has a slightly smaller size of about 12 inches, which is generally carried out by the auxiliary personnel, back wheels without box and often small. These chairs are often used as mobile patients, which is the best choice for hospitals, and it is not widely used in other places. These chairs are also used at airports. Available in the majority of airline plane shuttle disabled, this design is suitable for the narrow aisle to use a wheelchair, the passengers to the plane's seat.
Manual wheelchair weight has been wheelchair manufacturers to improve the direction, lightweight wheelchair costs are relatively high, under the constraints of low cost, heavy steel wheelchair occupy the larger market share, general users due to family reasons or temporary use and other reasons, will choose a relatively heavy manual wheelchair. If you need to use a long time or a better economy will choose a lightweight wheelchair or more choice or customization.