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Wheelchair brand common fault which

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Often sometimes occasionally is not very smooth, I do not know what will happen, accidentally injured, and my legs are not convenient, then for this kind of patients, wheelchair as their second feet. But if the wheelchair is a failure, it will seriously affect the user's daily life and to let everyone know the wheelchair common fault, wheelchair brand to market a variety of brand of wheelchair common fault do as follows some of the summary. I hope that we can do better in the prevention role.
First points: wheelchair brand wheel deformation and loose.
Inspection method:
Check the wheel fixing screw is fastened.
Wheelchair moving line is a straight line or walking around the swing.
Preventive measures:
Fastening loose fasteners.
Wheelchair repair, please contact wheelchair manufacturers to replace and repair.
Second point: wheelchair brand tire leakage, resulting in difficult operation.
Inspection method:
The reference manual requires the recommended tire pressure to inflate the tire.
Down the hand pinch pressure of tyres, if the tyres are strong, the tires that is good, if easily pressed into the can is a tube damage caused leakage.
Preventive measures:
To avoid the use of a wheelchair in the use of metal and glass debris.
Regular cleaning of lug attachments on the surface, such as tire is damaged, please replace it in time.
Third point: the metal parts of the wheelchair brand of rust, resulting in the use of poor.
Inspection method:
The metal parts of the wheelchair are mainly wheel axles, hand and foot, etc.. When used in wet and dry environment, it will lead to rust.
Preventive measures:
1, placed in a clean and dry environment, in the wet and rainy days after use to wipe off the moisture on the wheelchair.
2, regular maintenance and cleaning.
Fourth point: wheelchair brand brake function adjustment.
Inspection method:
On the ground of the wheelchair, the rear wheel brake is enabled, the wheelchair, observe the rear wheel rotation, if the rear wheel rotation, the brake device is a problem.
Preventive measures:
When the use of the use of the brake is not mandatory, the forced implementation of wheelchair.
Regular check and maintenance brake device.
Fifth points: wheelchair brand components loose.
Inspection method:
Check the following parts: armrest, seat back cushion, cross bracket, side baffle, pedal not tightening and normal operation.
Preventive measures:
Regular inspection and maintenance.
Above is descriptions of the various brands of wheelchair use may occur in the process of fault, grasp and understanding of these faults, can let us in the use process to do a good job in various preventive measures, better maintenance and using a wheelchair.