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Shiny life in a wheelchair

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"Three real" special education is to carry out a comprehensive. "Three real", is to be a good party, a good cadre of the state standards and. Starting today, newspaper special open up "practicing the 'strict three real' good cadre" column, selected from the provincial nine consciously practice the "strict three real good cadre typical show their mentality and the touching story, feel their tight style and spirit of the connotation. Please pay attention.
One morning in late June, the office building of Central South University of Forestry and Technology.
In the morning, a car coming from afar steadily. Whisk, reversing, reversing, return...... With a series of skilled movements, the vehicle is parked in the parking space in the parking lot.
If not a nurse from the trunk of the vehicle out of a chair, then the driver back to help the wheelchair and couldn't believe it, just drive, is actually a paraplegic disabled!
"We rest assured that I have been admitted to the special driver's license, the car is also dedicated to the disabled." The driver laughed to reporters doubts, "whether at work or in a meeting, I was driving. For me, this is a kind of leisure, but also exercise their ability to coordinate."
In the discourse, it contains the love of life, and the unyielding and struggling of the injury.
Liu Yuan, Party committee, vice president of Central South University of Forestry and Technology, doctoral tutor. At this point, from his high paraplegia, lose the ability to walk, there are 11 years.
"Sitting in a wheelchair can also write life, realize the ideal!" 11 years, he used the amazing perseverance and noble personality, in education and scientific research institution of our country artificial light and heat, played a communist era ictus.
In the face of adversity: only if you treat yourself as a normal person, others will take me as a normal person.
For Liu Yuan, 2004 is an important watershed in his life ".
That year, he was 44 years old, just from in Central South University of forestry and technology transferred to Hunan Institute of engineering and served as vice president, and has Professor, national public to send students to postdoctoral, doctoral tutor, academic leaders, deputy departmental level cadres etc. many "title", career can be described as flourishing.
However, on August 11 of that year, a sudden accident, are complacent, ambitious, he instantly pulled into the despair of life: a paraplegic, navel following perception, complete loss of function, eat and drink Lazard and need help.
A man originally strong and agile, from now on, can only rely on wheelchair life. The great destruction of the injury, the fight against his spirit can be imagined.
During that time, he almost All thoughts are blasted. The strong smile face to come to visit the people, but the evening sleep at night, feel very confused. When the most extreme, and even thought Dutch act!
But in the period of the most difficult years, organization meticulous care, encouragement of friends and colleagues no moment, Qierlaoxiao regrets care, gave him face to face with life and live strong courage and confidence!
"Only if you treat yourself as a normal person, others will take me as a normal person. Although my lower body paralyzed, but the upper part of the body is healthy, the brain is normal, can do some things, to continue to achieve their life ideal!" He volunteered to work, countries and schools for training I have devoted a lot of, I also paid a large amount of hard work. If you don't have to come back to the society, it will be a waste."
For him, continue to work is not in order to survive, but to the hearts of the ideal and belief, that the cause of persistent pursuit.
In 2006 March, Liu Yuan returned to school and think of his beloved, continue to engage in education and research.
At that time in Xiangtan, and his family separated, he can only stay at school. Although the school is willing to provide convenience for his life, but he declined to pay, please care to take care of yourself. Due to the inconvenience of action, he also moved from the large apartment before the injury, to the first floor of a single room to be converted from a single room to live, an area of less than 15 square meters.
Is in such an environment. He silently endured the pain often human will not, living alone, more than five years of work, until transferred back to Changsha.
A with he same batch study Japanese friends go back to see him, was sad to say; "if you had chosen to stay in Japan, also does not have the accident the, it is entirely possible is also a kind of life."
Yes! In Japan in 1999 and completed postdoctorate, Liu Yuan was a local university hired for the Ministry of agriculture ministry, the drillmaster, annual income of up to 50 million yuan, scientific research conditions and the living guarantee domestic cannot match. But a year later, when his alma mater in Central South University of forestry and technology big call him back headlining declared doctoral, his demur did not say, resolutely return effect.
In spite of this, but he still has no regrets at the original choice: "people want to know thanksgiving. I am the national public school to study abroad, of course, should come back!"
In the face of work: if we don't have time for I am afraid of many things broke, do not end
Liu Yuanxian walked into the university campus in our home, his bedroom and study, is a small room of 10 square meters. The bed filled with books and medicine, the bed also placed a foldable computer shelf, that is his desk "".
In his wife's feeling, Liu Yuan "now works more urgent than before".