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Many people want to send a wheelchair

2015/6/28 1:18:18      click£º
News playback: Changchun people Yu Guilan husband two years ago suffering from cerebral hemorrhage, two times worse, has become a "vegetable". In the hospital, to see others push the patient to go out every day Guilan air, she hopes her husband can lie down to a wheelchair.
The 23 day, I heard that there are so many people care about, there are people to donate, to say "thank Guilan, everybody!"
This year, while in the hospital, in Guilan saw sufferers have a wheelchair can lie down, she wanted to give husband can get a, good push him out of the sun. The wheelchair is too expensive, and even the doctor's money is strong enough every month, not to buy a wheelchair.
Yu Guilan will appear, many well intentioned people call, we have said the family wanted to send her wheelchair. Mr. Wu called, he said, the home is just such a wheelchair, who used to be a father, and now his father left, the wheelchair can not be used, just to give her. Mr. Wu said he would go to the hospital in a wheelchair directly to the.
Well intentioned people Jiang Ping had no parents, eating the party grew up. He is now running a disabled shop, specifically for the disabled or people with special needs to produce a variety of travel tools. Jiangping see reports quickly and new culture reporter contact, and went to a hospital, he is ready to create a movable bed to Guilan's husband, the bed can be when the wheelchair, can also be a moving bed, the patient can sit and lie, will be more comfortable. Mr. Wang can not provide wheelchair, but would like to remit 2000 yuan money, hoping to help the family of a laurel.