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Li Zhidi: to build a helicopter in a wheelchair

2015/6/28 1:05:09
This year, the money can buy a helicopter, the problem is that you can build one? Can't you? Xiao Bian tells you that there are people who can! Moreover, he is not the average person - is a wheelchair to the people (inspirational!).
Agust n, and from Honduras, because childhood polio gradually lost the ability to walk, and in a wheelchair began his filling shoe career. Although life is very difficult, but he never gave up his childhood dream: to be a flight trainer. Wheelchair with the Agust, n know you cannot achieve this desire, so he to his dream changed another way -- built a frame belongs to own helicopter, their flight of the division!
Beginning in 1958, he embarked homemade aircraft this unusual dreams on the road, although the appearance of the helicopter is not the processing of rough, but plane of each part of the structure are by his hand to create, in addition to some steel is bought at a hardware store, all the other parts are from the trash back to pick up the waste processing and even launched propeller chain Agust n, forging their own.

 Agustín's story was filmed as a Everything is Incredible documentary, film shooting also specially interviewed Agustín, neighbor, for he that hold fan support ridiculed, but Agustín, countersunk to complete the devoted his life toil and dreams works. Perhaps you will ask, this is the last of the helicopter can not fly?Who TM cares!This helicopter is incredible! Agustín is incredible!

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