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Firefly: let the wheelchair turned "motorcycle"

2015/6/28 1:08:54
Wheelchair users, if you still for shopping inconvenience, walk the dog not these things to worry about, if you are still shoulder waist strain and suck, if you still for travel 300 meters was breathless and the heart stopper. Well, your benefits are coming! Firefly electric wheelchair struck, so that wheelchair users to say goodbye to the inconvenience of life!
Firefly Mobility design produced by the Rio, is an independent electric wheelchair equipment. It is mainly composed of a structure, can be connected to the front wheel wheelchair. Connecting the process convenient, one minute to get. It has the advantages of convenient operation, the appearance is also very cool, yes or no?

As long as you put it together with the front wheel of the wheelchair, then you can enjoy the speed of 18 km transport. Sounds not so fast, but you in the gym treadmill sweat speed about 16 kilometers, so its speed or the cow force to coax of, at least have been able to throw manual wheelchair a few blocks the.
The use of Firefly automatic motor control, equipped with a rotary throttle, two brake lever, is also equipped with a speedometer and handbrake. Ride it, you'll have a wonderful experience. The maximum range of a Firefly charge is about 24 km, which allows you to enjoy the outdoor time, not in the house or in the car.
So dear friends, don't stay moldy at home, with Firefly, the dog is not a dream. Of course if your family is driving you, Firefly will become your most intimate partner, you can put it in the car. Firefly about 15 kg, light and easy to carry. So if you want a half-way travel to reach the destination, to install a wheelchair on the firefly, you can leisurely around sightseeing.
Although the Mobility Rio products are mostly expensive, but the electric wheelchair is priced below $2000. The company also produced some other manual or electric wheelchair device, which is equipped with double pole cool drive. Wheelchair users can have multiple choices.

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