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Turkey Tek RMD to help the disabled to stand up

2015/6/28 1:07:02
Mekatronic AMS, Turkey, is developing a new technology product to improve the ability to move patients with paralysis. It is similar to the Japanese wheelchair, which was previously seen in Japan. But this is known as the RMD Tek product is a new concept.
RMD Tek is an operation like a horse riding a car. The design is in contrast to the traditional, and the patient is no longer concerned about the size of the body and the pain of losing weight. With the help of a balanced air cushion spring, the user can sit and move on to a new device.
Although this is not the first invention to help people with disabilities, but it has several important improvements in posture and economic scale. Technology products for the market need in such as crutches, users can stand up, and Tek RMD can let user manual to complete this process, the body is can stand up and keep their balance. In the standing mode, the user can move to where he is going. This device wide 36cm long 62cm, than the traditional 60cm wheelchair to light. For this product when the market, the price is not published.

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