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Future thinking control of electric wheelchair

2015/6/28 1:20:15      click£º
The development of science and technology, the technology of electric wheelchair is also in the fast changing development. Many new technologies are applied to electric wheelchair. Foreign researchers have begun to study the use of ideas to control the wheelchair, so that those who can not move the disabled by themselves can also move a wheelchair.
Now the means to move the wheelchair to those disabled mainly rely on the jaw control and respiratory control. Although the two methods are as far as possible to avoid the movement of the body, but it is not convenient for those who are more disabled. Researchers attempt to use electrodes to read people's brain waves, and to control the movement of a wheelchair. For the user, as long as the forward, turn left, turn right and stop the corresponding four kinds of thinking can control the wheelchair. Presided over the relevant research experts said, thought control movable wheelchair technology is he has been studying different wheelchair control technology and found a lot of inconvenience, these are not suitable to the severity of disability, so just want to come out of the mind controlled wheelchair ideas.
For such new wheelchair, has not been put into production, eng is still in prototype stage, in the experimental stage, has passed the test of sound, until the technology is mature, tested on the disabled. All kinds of new technologies are applied in the lives of people with disabilities, the progress of science and technology for the benefit of the number of people with disabilities.