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Wheelchair candidates on the two: most of the thanks, is my classmate

2015/6/28 1:19:13      click£º
June 23, college entrance examination results announced, Guangyuan City middle school "wheelchair examinee" Lu friends close exam, 454 points, second line, the results for Lu Youhe very not easy. In the school to see the results of that moment, Lu friends together with tears on the students said: can test this score, the first to thank you.
Lu was 4 years old and a half when the diagnosis of progressive muscular dystrophy, the doctor said, this disease muscle will atrophy until the whole body paralysis, life can not be more than 18 years of age. But he in the students, teachers of the help, not only by the tenacious perseverance to participate in the college entrance exam, also on the two line.
Liu Hongjun grade classmates began to help Lu Youhe the, he still remember in junior middle schools in town for the first time see Lu friends seasonable, the see Lu Youhe in front of the school in the fall, Liu Hongjun immediately stepped forward to help the wheelchair, since then, Liu Hongjun become Lu Youhe wheelchair outside another "crutches". Every day to school, the school and parents pick Lu Youhe in front of the school, school things, basically by Beijing to do, three or four times every day to go to the toilet, by Liu Hongjun back, from the classroom to the toilet, trips a day seven or eight times; lunch, washing dishes, cooking is Liu Hongjun, this root "crutch" is 5 years.
The overturned the Beijing school, due to Lu friends don't in the same class, although often come to help, but Zhu Beijun classmate is more convenient. To take care of Lu Youhe, he volunteered the position transferred Lu Youhe next to, in addition to carry him on the toilet, take part in public activities, to the side of the playground watching sports games. He is also responsible for Lu Youhe muscle rehabilitation training, every day at noon, in the afternoon, at the back of the classroom with telescopic belt Lu Youhe strapped on a special stand frame, to help the practice "standing", every two hours.
Liu Hongjun said, Lu friends together strong optimism, so many years, he did not see a tear. "He is a man of optimism, and he can infect a lot of people." Zhu Beijun said that from the best fit to see the most of the Lu, is a smile.